Samson Afolabi, known as Emperor Sam, is a hip-hop producer and soon-to-be rapper based in the UK and the US, primarily Plymouth for the UK. Beginning his music career in 2017, after being inspired for many years, he finally decided to sit down and learn from the greats, from all genres of music. Taking influence from Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, P-Square, and the Beatles, his taste is just as varied as his style.



DJ/producer Forest Electronic’s mesmerising but spirited sound is a distinctive blend of drum and bass, tech and deep house, and techno that looks to bring the listener into his world. Based in his beloved city of Plymouth, a place he feels is highly underrated for its underground music scene, he produces all on his own, focusing on exaggerating atmosphere and ambience in his tracks, and experimenting with other styles such as neurofunk and instrumental hip-hop. In addition to collaborating with several of the South West’s underground talents, including Toadsmoor Sound, he also showcases his mixing craft with his trusty Numark NVII throughout the city.

Born Ned Fellenor, he first heard techno and tech house music at 16 on a school trip to Geneva, Switzerland. The next year, he started producing and self-releasing, honing his skills both behind the mix and behind the decks, eventually starting to DJ live at the age of 20. His influences emerged from original tech house producers like Macromism and Dosem, then spread to include classic drum and bass producers such as Calyx and Noisia, classic hip-hop producers like Funky DL, and recently, modern hip-hop beats, such as those found in Germany.

Prior to signing with Imperial Media, he self-released various clips and singles on SoundCloud and packaged singles on Spotify. His first release with the label, Ritualistic Arts, came out in 2019 and the following year, he released Police Dogz as part of the aforementioned Toadsmoor Sound’s Animals EP. He has also performed various sets since 2019, including the Hot Air Balloon sets at the University of Plymouth and Funkagenda Presents The 10th Birthday Series Road Trip at Factory, Plymouth.

2021 will see him releasing his new Acidemia EP in early May, while working on more techno/house tracks. In addition, he has a set lined up for Love Summer radio on June 3rd, and is looking to perform at more. Keep up with and learn more about Forest Electronic on Instagram!


  • Funkagenda Presents The 10th Birthday Series Road Trip (Factory, Plymouth UK, Mar. 2020)
  • House VS Techno (Factory, Plymouth UK, Feb. 2020)
  • Drum & Bass Rave (Hanging Gardens, Plymouth UK, Feb. 2020)
  • Hot Air Balloon sets (University of Plymouth, Plymouth UK, Sep. 2019)
  • UpBeat Takeover (UPSU, Plymouth UK, May. 2019)

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